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Infection Control

Sterilization Center

Infection controls, as well as universal precautions, protect our patients and the dental team.

Our practice follows all guidelines laid down by several federal agencies: CDC (Centers for Disease Control) OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Barrier Techniques
We wear disposable masks or barriers and gloves, with each patient. For items that cannot be sterilized in our autoclave, we use single-use disposable items for each patient. Our dental chairs are covered with a plastic barrier prior to each use.

Disinfectant Wipe Down
We carefully clean all clinical surfaces prior to each patient’s arrival by chemical disinfection.

Instrument Sterilization
We use the most effective system available to assure the sterility of our instruments. All instruments are sanitized by the use of a high frequency ultrasonic cleaner. After sanitizing the instruments, a hospital- type autoclave combines high heat and pressurized steam to insure that instruments are virus and bacteria-free. The instruments are sealed in sterile bags until they are opened for use. Our sterilizers are tested by an outside service to insure that they are working properly.