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Comprehensive Exam

exam-collageThe best service that we can offer to our patients is a thorough evaluation of their present dental health. Only then can a proper Personalized Preventive Program and an effective Treatment Plan be developed.

Our Comprehensive New Patient Evaluation includes all of the following:

  • New Guest & Get Acquainted Interview
  • Medical & Dental Health History Review
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Necessary Digital X-rays
  • Clinical Exam for Tooth Decay
  • Clinical Exam & Charting for Gum Disease
  • Tooth Structure Examination for Chips, Cracks, Wear
  • Examination of Existing Restorations
  • Examination of Existing Dental Appliances
  • TMJ Screening Exam
  • Evaluation of Missing Teeth Areas (Health of Bone; Etc.)
  • Evaluation of Your Bite Function
  • If Indicated, Diagnostic Models (Molds) Are Taken
  • Intraoral Digital Camera Evaluation of Your Teeth
  • Cosmetic / Smile Evaluation
  • Dental Risk Factors Assessment
  • Summary of Findings

Research and experience has shown that a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan will ensure long-lasting dental health and appearance. A long-term plan is more economical over your lifetime, avoids emergencies, loss of teeth and unnecessary discomfort.

We understand that there are emergencies, budgetary constraints, and circumstances that may not allow a person to complete a thorough examination, evaluation, and treatment planning initially. We will do our best to address your most immediate concerns until such time that a comprehensive evaluation is possible. Very often, treatment can be made affordable through one of several financing plans that we have available, by completing your treatment in phases, or a combination of these approaches.