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Preventative Services

Prevention of dental disease begins with excellent home oral hygiene practices and a healthy diet. It is sustained at the dental practice with the efforts of the doctor and hygienist to facilitate, restore, and sustain your dental health. Preventive care helps avert significant and potentially costly dental issues and is crucial to enjoying a healthy, beautiful, confident smile.

Periodontal Evaluation
Periodontal (gum) disease is a progressive dental disease that starts as a bacterial infection due to the accumulation of plaque bacteria along the gum line areas. Left untreated, this chronic inflammation process leads to a more serious gum infection known as periodontitis. The ultimate outcome of periodontal disease is the loss of teeth.
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Fluoride Therapy
We design a personalized preventive program for each of our patients โ€“ both children and adults โ€“ depending on their particular needs. Fluoride therapy is an effective part of a prevention program.
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Protective Night Guard
Grinding and/or clenching your teeth at night can lead to serious damage to your teeth. Most people are unaware that they grind or clench their teeth โ€“ especially during their sleep. Night guard appliances offer relief for mild symptoms and prevent nighttime wearing of your teeth.
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Laser Cavity Detection
The DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection system is a revolutionary diagnostic tool for detecting early and hidden tooth decay deep in the grooves of the chewing surfaces of the teeth. It can detect cavities not easily seen on x-rays or by visual examination. Early detection of tooth decay can preserve valuable tooth structure and reduce the size of fillings needed to restore the teeth. This results in lower cost of treatment and lessens the risk of more complicated treatment becoming necessary.
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Tooth Decay Risk Assessment
Although a visual dental examination and dental x-rays are indispensable and valuable diagnostic tools for uncovering tooth decay, they are only useful for uncovering existing dental problems. However, if the potential for future tooth decay could be assessed before you get cavities, and preventive measures were taken, then no treatment would be needed!
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Oral Cancer Screening
Oral cancer screening is a routine part of our new patient and annual dental examination. Approximately 35,000 people are affected by some form of oral cancer annually. Sadly, approximately 20% of those who develop oral cancer may die within five years.
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Tooth Sealants
A dental sealant is a thin resin coating that is used over the top of teeth such as the molars and the premolars, near the back of the mouth, in an attempt to provide further protection against tooth decay.
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Dental Risk Factor Assessment
Would you like to avoid future dental problems? Have you experienced continual or recurring tooth decay, broken teeth or perhaps, gum disease? Would you like to finally overcome these problems? You can end the continual cycle of dental repair. The secret is to control your risk factors!
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