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Dental Veneers
Escondido, CA

Rendering of jaw with porcelain veneer on tooth at Robert J. Malone DDS in Escondido, CAWhen a tooth at the front of the mouth becomes chipped or stained, it can have an impact on a person’s self-esteem, and change an otherwise perfect smile. For minor adjustments, veneers can be used to cover the front of teeth and improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Robert J. Malone DDS uses veneers, an ultra-thin shell made from porcelain, to help patients improve their smile, without going through extensive surgery. It can help give back the confidence you need, in an easy, hassle-free way.

What Should I Have Veneers?

Veneers are not just for the aesthetic benefits, as they can be used to replace the eroded surface of a tooth’s enamel. Sugary drinks, smoking, and neglecting oral hygiene can all wear down our teeth. Veneers can strengthen the front of the tooth and help protect it from damage.

By covering the front portion of a tooth, veneers can not only give a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, through its tooth-like appearance, it can also be a shaped slightly different to the tooth it is covering. This can be used to make them look bigger, narrow the gaps between teeth, and cover chipped/broken enamel.

Apart from bonding, the other solutions for restoring chipped, stained, and cracked teeth are more extensive, such as crowns, which don’t keep as much of the natural tooth as veneers do.

How are Veneers Placed?

At first, you will attend a consultation appointment, so you can discuss with us what you would like out of the procedure. Veneers are placed on teeth at the front of the mouth, that can be seen when you talk and smile, and you can choose how many you want, and what color you’d like them to be. Usually, we create veneers that match the color of your teeth.

Once the veneers are made at the dental lab, you will come in for their placement. Our dentist will scrutinize them for any discrepancies, and then clean your teeth thoroughly, to prevent bacteria from remaining on the tooth once the veneers are placed.

To allow the veneer to adhere to your teeth, they will need to be partially ground down. This will alter their shape indefinitely, but you can have more veneers in the future, or other restorative procedures. For this reason, some patients only have veneers on the affected tooth, while others will get them on all the front teeth to create a perfect smile.

Once we have roughened the tooth, we will apply a special liquid to act as an adhesive between the enamel and the veneer and place the veneer onto the tooth. An ultraviolet light is placed above the mouth, to set the veneer onto the tooth.

The appointment takes 1-2 hours, depending on how many veneers are being placed. Our dentist will advise you to be careful with the veneers, and not to cause any unnecessary pressure on them. This includes biting on hard objects, i.e. pen lids and fingernails.

Robert J. Malone DDS can help perfect your smile with the range of cosmetic procedures we have on offer, call us now on (760) 546-5557 to book your appointment.

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Robert J. Malone DDS uses veneers, an ultra-thin shell made from porcelain, to help patients improve their smile, without going through extensive surgery.
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