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Digital Radiography (X-ray)
Escondido, CA

Dentist and female patient reviewing digital x-ray on a computer monitor at Robert J. Malone DDS in Escondido, CAThere are two different methods to take an x-ray, through the newer digital method, or through the conventional film method. Robert J. Malone DDS uses digital radiography because it is quicker and safer for our patients and is more effective in revealing problems to our dentists.

We understand that the idea of having an x-ray done can unsettle some of our patients, but x-rays are very safe, and the information they give to our dentists can be vital.


Digital radiography is digitally generated, which means the photo can be altered via photo editing tools. The use of contrast, zoom and brightness can help our dentists locate more issues in the oral cavity, than if they used the conventional method. Film cannot be altered in the same way, as it is not compatible with photo tools.

The traditional method uses chemicals to process an x-ray, which takes time to fully develop. A digital x-ray can take less than 5 minutes and can review your results far quicker. Furthermore, due to this development procedure, digital radiography has a larger range of grey-scale, which gives our dentists a greater field of depth to work with.

Digital radiography uses 70% less radiation than the conventional method. While film radiography is still safe in the amount of radiation it emitted, digital radiography is even safer, and is beneficial if the patient is having frequent x-rays.


X-rays work in a way that cannot be seen, as the energy that x-rays produce is not identifiable by the naked eye. Your bone and tissue absorbs this x-ray energy at different rates. When a detector is passed across your body, it locates the radiation and creates an image based on how the energy is absorbed, including any abnormalities that there may be.

Our dentists will stand behind a screen, as they are frequently administering x-rays, and it would be unhealthy for them to be exposed to constant radiation. It is perfectly safe for you to have an x-ray, as you will not have them frequently enough to cause harm. Our dentists would never perform an x-ray if there was any risk to your health.

The x-ray will either be intraoral, which means the detector is placed within the mouth, or extraoral, which means it will be placed outside the mouth. Intraoral is used to locate complications with upper or lower jaw, specific teeth, or the oral cavity as a whole. The dentist may use this if there is an unidentifiable tooth ache.

Extraoral is helpful to show the jaw, surrounding bone structure, and the salivary glands. Orthodontists use extraoral x-rays to examine a patient’s bite. Our dentists will choose which type of x-ray to administer, depending on the issue that is present in your oral cavity.

Robert J. Malone DDS can help alleviate any pain or discomfort you are feeling, and digital radiography is one of the methods we use to investigate your dental health. With our up-to-date technology, we can help prevent complications faster than ever before. If x-rays are something that worries you, our professionals are here to help calm your nerves.

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Digital Radiography Escondido, CA • Robert J. Malone DDS
Robert J. Malone DDS uses digital radiography because it is quicker and safer for our patients and is more effective in revealing problems to our dentists.
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